Atlass is creating a world-class predictive intelligence platform. Our mission is to revolutionize online advertising.
About the company

Meet Atlass

Started by industry veterans

The idea came in early 2018: "What if we could use intent data to make real-time ad decisions to create the absolute best experience for users, advertisers and publishers?".

From that point on our founders obsessed with building an ad platform unlike any others; one that uses machine-learning to process thousands of data points to predict user behavior and deliver measurable results to advertisers and publishers.

Now with teams in four different countries working on this challenge, Atlass has developed a proprietary predictive intelligence platform unlike any others.

Code of tribe

Our Culture

Strong sense of purpose

We want to help everyone build their brands and identity online.

High bar for quality

We're obsessed with building the best and always see room for improvement.

Relentlessly deliver results

Get rid of your excuses. Take pride in getting shit done.

Embrace the challenge

Uncertainty is always part of a startup. We tackle big ideas with courage.

Focus on the team, not egos

We care about each other. Be candid, constructive, and sincere.

Empathize and create value

Make all users feel appreciated. We're not happy unless the user is happy.

Think critically

Question everything. Don't fall into the status-quo trap. Innovate!


To create the best experience, we cut all distractions and get to the point.

Open Positions

We're hiring for full-time and internship positions!